Life Coaching


Do you want to feel:

  • Confident in your abilities?
  • Empowered to succeed?
  • Motivated to get things done?
  • The Law of Attraction working for you?
  • Like you will attract love and/or good relationships?
  • Your best mentally and physically?
  • Successful? (And comfortable with what it is for YOU?)
  • Positive with a can-do attitude?

You can feel empowered to succeed.  You can attract the circumstances and the life you want.  You can feel good every day!

Life Coaching takes you from where you are to where you want to go.  We help you to determine what is important to YOU and what will bring you happiness and joy.  Then we work with you to make it happen.  You are responsible for your actions, but we are a guide, someone who holds you accountable and helps you to remove blocks along the way.

We all invest money to add a bit of happiness  to our lives that may include a trip to the beauty salon/barber, a gym membership, an expensive dinner, a round of golf, new clothes, jewelry, etc.  These indulgences may make us feel happier temporarily (and some may add stress) when you go back to regular life and nothing much has changed. Life Coaching is an investment in your life and future and a lasting change.  So treat yourself to some lasting change, personal happiness  and fulfillment of the life you desire with a package of Life Coaching.

Our Life Coaching program will:

  • Help you envision your ideal life
  • Get your excited about positive change
  • Focus on your strengths
  • Help you target behaviors that don't align with your goals
  • Create a plan for achieving your goals
  • Empower you to move towards your aspirations

Your Personal Life Coach:

  • Listens with interest
  • Cares about you and your goals
  • Helps you to feel empowered
  • Encourages you to take action
  • Use a vast array of techniques and tools to support you in your personal growth and development
  • Help to create an individualized plan (with options) especially for YOU and your goals

Life Coaching Session Fees:  $150 per hour

Three Month Monthly Package
Includes 12 one-hour weekly video or phone calls, unlimited emails, 3 short five-minute calls

$500 per month for 3 months

Six Month Monthly Package
Includes 24 one-hour video or phone sessions, unlimited emails and 6 short five-minute calls

$450 per month for 6 months

One Year Monthly Package
Includes 52 one-hour video or phone sessions, unlimited emails and 12 short five-minute calls

$400 per month for 12 months

Group Sessions (groups limited to 10)
$240 per month


Email Only Coaching
Includes coaching availability via email and live messenger sessions
$50 per month

The solution is here....CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE!  Move Towards Your Personal Best!

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