For Professionals

As a Health and Wellness Professionals, your job is to help your patients and we are here to assist.  If a patient needs to quit smoking, find ways to manage stress or lose weight, our program will assist them in the necessary mindset and changes to make that a reality.  As you well know, a healthier lifestyle IS possible.

We assist them with our hypnosis and life coaching services.  Hypnosis offers many benefits and the side effect is deep relaxation.  Life Coaching further helps them to address issues and pursue better choices, guided by the coach, for those who need encouragement for a longer period of time.  Some additional ways in which we help our clients is with positive affirmations, EFT, reinforcement recordings and telephone/email support.  We know that the issue did not just appear in one day, so we strive to give your patients a selection of tools to help them succeed in their personal goals.

Health and wellness professionals referrals are appreciated.  Should you have any questions or like to meet with us, we would be happy to do so.  We would like to offer you and your office personnel a free relaxation MP3 available by email.  Just telephone us and we will be glad to send it to you.  It is our extreme pleasure to work with individuals seeking a better quality of life right now.

We offer individual SMOKING CESSATION sessions and group sessions as well.  If you would like to offer a group Smoking Cessation program at your facility, organization or office, please contact us to arrange the workshop.

MORE GOOD NEWS!  Hypnosis and Life Coaching are not currently covered by insurance, but the cost of the program for smoking cessation, when referred by a professional, could be totally tax deductible.  We recommend the patient check with an accountant to verify that is the case for them before starting a program.