Ten Healthy Things You Can Do Today instead of Smoke

You can change your mind!  Smoking isn’t glamorous, it doesn’t taste good and it’s unhealthy for you and those you love!  Let go of those cigarettes and change your mind….to be a healthy, non-smoker!  Replace the time you used to use smoking with something you enjoy.

  1. Go for a hike or a walk.  Go up to the Irving Cliff Hiking trail or just go for a walk and see nature at it’s best.  Walking is healthy and good for you!
  2. Breathe!  Especially if you are recently a non-smoker, take a deep breath of healthy, clean air instead of breathing in that stale, disgusting smoke!  Deep breaths are healthy for you!
  3. Taste your food!  Go shopping for some fresh vegetables.  Taste each one and enjoy it!  Without cigarettes, not only can you TASTE THE FLAVOR, but you can almost feel those healthy vegetables helping to heal your body from damage!  Bite into a delicious, healthy carrot and enjoy the taste!  (Hey, you could take a healthy cooking class or try a new recipe and really enjoy your food!)
  4. Dance!  It does a body (and mind) good!  Music feels good and dancing does too.  Dance…like no one is watching and enjoy feeling good!
  5. Kiss.  When is the last time you enjoyed a kiss?  Give a loved one a kiss.  Enjoy how fresh and clean your mouth is without the taste of tobacco.
  6. Learn something new!  Maybe you can learn a new language, how to knit, how to paint or anything else that appeals to you.  Picking healthy habits feels good and gives you a sense of accomplishment when you finish.  Feel good about choosing a healthy way of spending your time!
  7. Organize!  Hey…we all have them….the boxes of pictures we were meaning to put in an album…or the drawer we never get to.  Organization feels good and gives us a sense of accomplishment.  Do it today and spend time on feeling good.
  8. Create!  Feeling crafty?  Create something pretty or functional to use.  Maybe you want to make a birdhouse…or a picture…or a keychain…or even a flower garden.  Explore your creative side.
  9. Adopt a pet!  This can be a lot of fun.  Adopt a cat, dog, bird, fish or whatever will bring you joy.  Make it a smart decision and research the best kind of pet for your lifestyle.  Spending time on the care and love of your pet is a healthy way of using your time and you will reap the benefits in many ways.
  10. Be grateful!  Write a list of things you are grateful for.  It is a wonderful exercise.  If you want, you could do this activity every day when you awaken.  Keep a journal of all the things you are grateful for and be sure to include becoming a healthy, non-smoker!

Take time today to make a list of the things you do enjoy, used to enjoy or would like to enjoy and spend your time on healthy, fun activities!

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